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Welcome to MagicVerse

Where Blockchain Meets Sorcery

MagicVerse is an innovative project launched across five different blockchains (Binance, Cronos, Polygon, Ethereum and Arbitrum) all with only 1 supply! Here, the power of magic converges with cutting-edge blockchain technologies, and before you know it, you’ll be immersed in a world full of adventure and possibilities.

At MagicVerse, it’s all about fun, financial growth, and community.  With yield farming, you have the opportunity to grow your crypto assets while enjoying everything MagicVerse has to offer. Discover playable NFTs, where you can not only collect but also interact and play with your digital assets.

Passive income is within reach with MagicVerse, as you can benefit from various income streams within our ecosystem. But that’s not all. In our magical world, you’ll also find engaging games and thrilling experiences that will never leave you bored.

Best of all, all our NFTs and assets can be safely traded and sold on our own marketplace, giving you complete control over your digital wealth.

Welcome to MagicVerse, where magic and blockchain come together… Join our community and let yourself be enchanted by the opportunities that await you here!

The Magic Farm

Passive income On 5 different Chains

MagicFarm, an innovative decentralized platform where the enchantment of staking meets the magic of reaping rewards. At MagicFarm, participants have the opportunity to stake their runes and be rewarded in the native coin of the blockchain they farm.

here are some features available at The MagicFarm.

•MagicFarm  Stake The Rune NFTs to get a passive income in the form of the native coin of the blockchain you are farming on.

•Magic Box Try your luck with our Magic Boxes..get your runes here at the cost of 1 Million Orbs.

•Magic Shards  Stake our native coin $orb to obtain those Magical Shards.

•Craft  Here you can craft your Runes for a more powerfull one.

•Market The best place to trade your assets

Magic Farm Tutorial

The Magic Finance Dapp

Uniting Blockchains, Empowering Your Assets

Magic Finance brings together the power of five blockchains, offering you a revolutionary platform to effortlessly swap and manage your assets.

•Effortlessly move your assets between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Cronos, and Arbitrum with a single click. No more hurdles, just fluid transactions across blockchains.

•Experience the power of consolidation! Our dynamic dashboard unifies your assets from diverse chains into a single, comprehensive view. Monitor, and strategize with clarity and precision.

For more information about our Magic Finance Dapp check our tutorial video or The white paper.

Magic Finance Tutorial

Unleashing the Power of Digital Sorcery

Battle of Elements

Step into the enchanting world of Battle Of Elements, where 1000 unique Elemental Wizards await your command. Divided into two mystical categories, Fire and Ice, these NFT game characters hold the key to thrilling adventures in both PVE and PVP modes. Get ready to embark on an epic journey where ownership of these wizards opens the door to endless opportunities for play-to-earn rewards and magical battles.

Elemental Phoenix

Rare and powerful allies for your wizards in the Magicverse.You can summon one only if your farm is fully boosted. These majestic creatures generate daily passive Magic Dust and enhance your wizards stats. A secret source of strength, waiting to be harnessed.

Magic Dust

Magic Dust, our in-game currency, with its unique power, you can shape your wizard within our digital world. What makes it truly enchanting? It seamlessly converts back and forth to Magicverse Tokens. Use it to effortlessly upgrade your equipment, acquire valuable items, and stay ahead of the competition. Gather your Magic Dust and unlock the secrets of the Magicverse!”

Magic Shards

Use cases for Magic Shards in Battle Of Elements

1. Stamina Refill: Use Magic Shards to replenish a Wizard’s stamina, allowing them to engage in more PvE fights, earn additional experience points, and gather extra loot daily.

2. Level Advancement: Every 20 levels, Wizards are required to contribute Magic Shards to progress further. This investment not only levels up the Wizard but also enhances their skills, propelling them forward in the game.

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